CAE (Advanced Exam) Listening Test 4

You will hear four short extracts in which people are talking about personality tests. While you listen, you must complete both tasks.

Speaker 1

Speaker 2

Speaker 3

Speaker 4

Task 1

For questions 1–4, choose from the list (A–G) why each speaker did the test.

A They found it impossible to resist.
B They were curious about this kind of test
C They hadn’t planned to do it.
D They like volunteering for experiments.
E They were obliged to do it.
F They needed help with a problem.
G They had to do it as part of a job application.

(1) Speaker 1 _____
(2) Speaker 2 _____
(3) Speaker 3 _____
(4) Speaker 4 _____

Task 2

For questions 5–8, choose from the list (A–G) what each speaker’s feelings were after they got the results.

A worried about the future ramifications
B annoyed that they hadn’t done a test like this before
C satisfied that they have the right job
D staggered at how true the results were
E regretful at having done the test
F unhappy with the procedures used to get results
G furious about what the test supposedly revealed

(5) Speaker 1 _____
(6) Speaker 2 _____
(7) Speaker 3 _____
(8) Speaker 4 _____

1 C 2 E 3 A 4 B

5 E 6 G 7 D 8 F

Speaker 1:

I did this magazine quiz called How well does your partner know you? You had to grade statements and then give the same quiz to your partner to answer about you. Well, there was a huge discrepancy between my results and Charlie’s, and the analysis said something like, ‘You should have spent more time getting to know each other.’ We started to talk about the questions and some of his answers really had me worried. He can’t have been listening to half the things I’ve told him over the years! I did the quiz on the spur of the moment but I rather wish I hadn’t now.


Narrator: 2

Speaker 2: I’d already had an interview and had actually been working there for a couple of weeks. The job is perfect for me – it involves working to deadlines and I thrive on pressure. After a couple of weeks they said I had to do a personality test. They must have got my results mixed up with someone else’s because they said I wasn’t good at handling pressure. I’ve never felt so insulted in my life. Me? Not handle pressure? Well, now I think my boss sees just how wide of the mark the results were.


Narrator: 3

Speaker 3: I’m a real sucker for quizzes and personality tests. I love them! But I honestly didn’t expect much from this one. I mean how could choosing colours say anything about your personality? You had to click on eight colours in order of preference, then wait a few minutes and repeat the same test. I clicked on purple first and then I can’t remember but I know I put grey, blue and black last both times. When I read the results I could hardly believe it. My attitudes, my worries, my problems with my partner, my work habits – it was all absolutely spot on.


Narrator: 4

Speaker 4: The psychology department were asking for student volunteers to do a personality test. I’ve always wanted to get to the bottom of how these tests work, so I went along. We were asked to wait until they called us in but they put us in this really stuffy room with only three seats and there must have been at least fifteen of us. We had to wait for ages! I was getting really fed up. Finally, it was my turn. They thanked me for coming and explained that they had really been looking at our behaviour in the overcrowded room and recording it. They ought to have told us that was what was going on. It’s not ethical.