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CAE (Advanced Exam) Listening Test 1 Part 1

Part 1

You will hear four different speakers. Choose the answer (A, B or C) which fits best according to what you hear. There are two questions for each speaker. 

Speaker 1 

1 How did the speaker feel during the move?

A He felt it might be impossible to downsize.
B He found the experience very exciting.
C He was relieved to get rid of so many things. 


2 How does he feel about his new flat?

A He hates the uncluttered space.
B It can seem very enclosed and cramped.
C He enjoys spending time in it. 

Speaker 2 

3 How did the speaker feel about her dream home?

A She had nightmarish dreams about it.
B She was horrified by the size.
C It made her feel nervous at times. 


4 What is the best thing about the house for the speaker?

A being able to accommodate some heirlooms
B being able to get rid of some of the larger furniture she owned
C having the room to store away larger possessions 

Speaker 3 

5 What is the speaker’s opinion about city centre living?

A It can be unexpectedly quiet.
B He loves the hustle and bustle.
C He can’t wait to escape from it. 


6 What does he say about his partner?

A She feels trapped by the proximity of other buildings.
B She misses not having an outside space.
C She finds city living far too expensive. 

Speaker 4 

7 What does the speaker say about her home?

A It has very limited space.
B She spends a lot of time in the kitchen.
C It cost more than she planned. 


8 What does she say about the local cafés?

A There are very few good ones.
B There are too many of them.
C It’s a good place to meet neighbours. 



1  3 C  4  5 B  6 B  7 A  8 C

Narrator: One. 

Speaker 1: When I was in the process of moving, I began to wonder if it was really feasible to live in such a small space. I mean, I've always had lots of stuff, so whittling it down has been a pretty daunting task. I'm still working on it, actually. It’s hard to part with some things but the payoff is that there’s less and less clutter and a lot less dusting and tidying to do than in my old flat. I spend more time outside, of course, because you can feel pretty hemmed in in such a small space and that can be too much at times. I was stuck inside for a couple of days last week in all that heavy rain and I really did begin to feel that I was going to go crazy. 


Narrator: 2 

Speaker 2: This was to be our dream home but in some ways it’s turned out to be a complete nightmare. I'd always lived in flats where I could pretty much see into every room, so I had no idea how edgy I was going to feel in a large house like this. I have to be careful not to watch horror films on TV because I start to imagine every creak and groan from the rafters is actually someone lurking in one of the other rooms. Of course, it’s glorious to have so much space after years of living in poky flats. I've finally been able to take my grandfather’s grand piano and a beautiful old sideboard out of storage. I would never have got them into my old place. 


Narrator: 3 

Speaker 3: I used to think it would be good to move out of the centre of the city but, really, we've got it all right here. Apart from the usual shops, there’s a cinema, some rather pleasant cafés and even a really great arts centre with a theatre where they show excellent movies. If we lived out of town, we'd both really miss all that. Sue is always on about how much she would love a big house with a garden but I think in her heart of hearts she would never be able to justify the expense. A nice balcony with a few pot plants is enough, though I must admit here we're walled in by other buildings on all sides and that gets to me sometimes. 


Narrator: 4 

Speaker 4: I tried to find something a bit bigger but everything I looked at was way outside my price range. I’ve had to put some of my things into storage but perhaps one day when I have my dream home I'll have space for more than a sofa bed and a desk! I tend to go out to eat – even for breakfast. The kitchenette is so tiny there’s barely room to chop a carrot and it’s difficult to get rid of the cooking smells afterwards. There are loads of cafés on this street anyway, so I'm spoilt for choice in terms of places to eat. A lot of my neighbours hang out there in the mornings as well, so I've got to know them. There’s a real sense of community here.